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Why Choose a Color Screen Press?

Feb. 05, 2021

As the market situation becomes more and more severe, the customer's requirements for the color of printed materials are becoming higher and higher. The following 4 points are common color problems in printers now.

(1) Long customer sample viewing time and high start-up costs.

(2) Customer sample presses do not chase like.

(3) Digital proofs do not look like the machine.

(4) uneven tone level excess.

This shows that the implementation of color management is imperative for printers! Today, we will lead you to learn more about the world of color management.

Color Screen Press

The definition of color management

Color management management is the feeling. Different devices have different color gamut, is also the object of color management.

Just as each person's perception of color varies, in the printing color reproduction workflow, whether input, display or output, each piece of color screen press relies on different methods to deal with color. The technology used by each color screen printer limits the range of colors it can handle. This color range is its color gamut.

In a broad sense, color management is about maintaining the original look of color as it flows with the file, from the brand, to the color screen press factory, to the buyer, to the color screen press supplier chain.

In a narrow sense: color management is the color matching between the printer's prepress screen soft proofing, digital proofing and printing sessions.

The need for color management

Color reproduction is the primary task of printing, of which color is the life of printing and quality control of the core. However, for a long time, the color between the original, screen display, proofing, printing and other links often fail to reach the same, thus causing unnecessary disputes. There are many variable factors in the production and reproduction process of color boxes, and the graphics need to go through many stages such as scanning, processing, color separation, printing, etc. It is not an easy task to make the originals get accurate restoration. At each stage, the color information will be presented according to the color rendering characteristics of the current equipment used, so different scanning and display equipment will have different representations of the same original.


In addition, the ability to express color differs between displays with RGB rendering and printing inks with C, M, Y, K or C, M, Y, K, LC, LM rendering: coupled with the lack of consistency in the data converted by different application software, the prints obtained using different papers and inks are different. Different types of equipment, or even different models of the same type of equipment, also have different color expression capabilities. Therefore, color reproduction on various devices and media in the production system must be controlled through the use of color management techniques to ensure that the final reproduction can better reproduce the original color.

Advantages of color screen printer

1. Simple, but rational and more practical constructions.

2. Table type and combinatorial design saves place and convenient for transportation.

3. Adjustable double-spring devices are available for screen frames of different weight.Mobile device for adjusting pallet position.

4. Special device for connect springs, easy to connect spings,and stretching force is average.

5. Arm locked for screen for accurate color registration.

6. Detachable shirt boards. Adjustable special bracket for pallet.

7.Includes a full set of installation and maintenence tools.

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